• Uni-800
  • Handy
  • Basic
  • Compact-5
  • Compact-2
  • Compact-2-L
  • Compact-3
  • Compact-4
  • Rotor-Spray
  • Compact-1-10
  • Compact-1-20


About Unispray

With its unique, patented spray system UNISPRAY has managed to obtain an important place on the European market in a short time and is able to provide a suitable machine for every situation. The market is constantly changing and we can react promptly and efficiently due to many years of experience in the bakery business.

The simple construction of the greasing units means that maintenance and likelihood of breakdown are minimal. The spray system is a stainless steel construction so that a hygienic spray system has been developed whereby the price/quality ratio is very favourable. All these points contribute to an advantageous working atmosphere on the workfloor.

All the greasing units which UNISPRAY produces are suitable for the spraying of various release agents. The supply of the product to be sprayed can take place by means of a pressure tank, a pump or directly from the container. The appearance of more oily release agents, with lower viscosity, demands a fine nozzle capable of spraying this liquid at low air pressure (80 mbar = 0.08 bar). The concept with which UNISPRAY works has meant that both in small and industrial bakeries the pollution caused by so-called 'overspray' has been greatly reduced. This means the bakeries can conform to the regulations within the governmental HACCP guidelines. The hygienic conditions around the greasing unit have therefore been improved.

The result is a reduction in the use of release agent, a cleaner working area in the bakery and lower cleaning costs.

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