• Uni-800
  • Handy
  • Basic
  • Compact-5
  • Compact-2
  • Compact-2-L
  • Compact-3
  • Compact-4
  • Rotor-Spray
  • Compact-1-10
  • Compact-1-20

The Unispray Approach

Partners in spray techniques

The UNISPRAY approach is aimed at the future. In cooperation with you as the client we wish to combine our knowledge and experience in order to achieve the optimum release of your product. For many years we have been adapting efficiently and effectively to the changes in the market and the demand from the bakery sector. The greasing units in our assortment have been innovated by means of the use of modern control engineering in order to reduce overspray and pollution to a minimum.

We keep pace with an era in which the requirements of the client are more demanding as regards spray techniques. This means that, free of all obligation, we seek a solution together for the release of your product, taking into account your wishes, the available space for a greasing unit and your financial budget.

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