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Uni 800

Modular, versatile and dependable!


The Uni 800 concept consists of three main parts:

  • The greasing unit with drip-tray,
  • The vapour screen or range hood,
  • The conveyor belt.

Each part is available in various versions!

Accuracy is as always one of the assets of the Uni 800. The unique coupling between the different parts guarantees the exact positioning of the baking trays during the greasing process, thus limiting overspraying to a minimum. The Uni 800 with automatic dosage system for releasing agent is capable of continuous production throughout the week. 24/7.

The greasing system requirements made by today’s bakeries have served as our reference point for combining these main parts. By combining the various options of this concept in different ways, a system can be built which is capable of performing a very wide range of tasks.

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