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Experience has taught us that bakeries often use a hand spray. The hoses connected to the spray are attached to each other with cable ties or other clamps.
This affects ease of use and hygiene because dirt may accumulate between the hoses.

Unispray has found the solution to this problem: the twin hose package. It consists of hoses that are neatly and hygienically connected to each other. This unique system was developed by Unispray and is produced entirely in-house. As a result, it can be fully adapted to the customer's wishes.

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As can be seen in the Product video, the twin hose package has several advantages. Please find a list below.



Due to the way in which the hoses are made together, it is impossible for inaccessible dirt to accumulate between the hoses.
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Easy Installation:

The different colours of the hoses make the package easy to assemble, and the difference between the oil and air hoses is clearly visible.
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The hoses meet the guidelines for the food industry and are therefore suitable for use in the bakery.
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Perfect Fit:

Because this product is made entirely by Unispray,
the twin hose package can be ordered in any desired
length. Combined with the matching
Unispray Hose Pillars this provides a guaranteed seal.

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Unispray designs and manufactures spraying systems for the food industry.
The Unispray spraying systems are well known for their hygienic design, simple operation, stable action and maintenance-friendly construction.