Over the years, Unispray has been able to supply innovative greasing units. These installations come under the category of specials. Below you will find an overview of various specials.


Uni 800 DE:

For greasing at high speed, the Uni 800 DE is available. By placing several sprayhousings one after the other, it is possible to save more time and still spray sufficient release agent on the relevant moulds. The Uni 800 DE is designed to provide a reliable spray pattern and is fully automatic.
uni 800 the unispray greaser machine 1uni 800 the unispray greaser machine 2


Compact 1 TE:

The Compact 1 TE is specifically designed for greasing large dough drums with a working width of 990mm. After wheeling in the dough drums, the greasing process is started by means of a two-hand operation. The uniform spray pattern of the Unispray sprayhousing ensure easy release of the dough piece.
compact 1 greasing unit for dough drumscompact 1 unit for greasing dough drums (bakery)


UNI 180:

Sometimes it is necessary to spray a large amount of release agent. For this purpose, Unispray has the UNI 180 By using the U18 nozzles in combination with a large product supply, it is possible to spray large quantities of release agent. The UNI 180 is equipped with a circular pump system. This ensures that a constant flow of release agent is pumped around in the machine. The advantage of this is that the release agent does not drop out and therefore remains homogeneous, with all the associated advantages.
uni 180 unispray greaser machine 1



The UNI ZA is all about versatility. Several stations are realised, for example. on 1 transport system of 3.5 meters long. This enables the use of a variety of shapes, such as strapped bread pans, but also bundt moulds. These are greased fully automatically by switching on or off several separate nozzles, or by using a rotating nozzle.
uni za unispray greaser machine 1



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compact 5 unispray greaserThis version of the Compact 5 has been specially developed for greasing round moulds. This may include cake moulds, pizza trays, bundt moulds and other round shapes where even spraying of the release agent in the tin is extremely important for optimal results.

The Compact 5 is also available as an RS model. This model uses servo control. This means that the Compact 5 RS is not only suitable for greasing round, but also rectangular moulds and other shapes.

compact 5 unispray greaser machine 1

The Compact 4 consists of a chain conveyor belt and is ideally suited for greasing baking trays. The control box is centrally located, making access to controls easy. The Compact 4 can be equipped with a loose sprayhousing or with Unispray U18 nozzles. It goes without saying that the Compact 4 can also be equipped with a pump for automatic filling of the integrated 4-litre container.

compact 4 unispray invetunit bakkerij

An extremely handy override unit, which can be driven over any existing transport of baking trays, baking moulds and belt ovens. The clever coupling between the conveyor and Compact 3 ensures that it can be attached to the conveyor belt at the same place every time. This ensures a reliable and simple solution. The Compact 3 can be made in various configurations, and can be completely customised to your wishes.

compact 3 unispray greaser machine 1

The Compact 1 is ideally suited for greasing steel belts, conveyor belts and, for example, dough slices. This installation consists of a control unit and a separate sprayhousing. Because the control unit is equipped with wheels, it can easily be moved. The sprayhousing can also be removed from the system and is therefore easily accessible for maintenance. Various versions are available with a 10 and 20-litre container, and with or without automatic filling system.

compact 1 unispray greaser machine 1

sprayhousing greasing unitA separate sprayhousing is ideally suited for installation in existing installations. This system is known for its hygienic design, easy operation, stable operation and maintenance-friendly construction. The sprayhousing can be put together entirely according to your own configuration. With a length of up to 2 meters and enough space for sufficient nozzles, there is a suitable configuration for every desired situation.

compact 1 unispray greaser machine 4

Flexibility often leaves something to be desired within the food industry. With the U18 Sprayhead, all the freedom you need is within easy reach. Thanks to its various mounting possibilities, it can be used in a variety of ways. All components are made of stainless steel 316 and the internal gaskets are highly suitable for the food industry. Due to its simple design, this nozzle is easy to use and very low in maintenance.

u18 spray head unispray greaser machine 1


tweeling slang unispray greaser machine 1v4

Experience has taught us that bakeries often use a hand spray. The hoses connected to the spray are attached to each other with cable ties or other clamps.
This affects ease of use and hygiene because dirt may accumulate between the hoses.

Unispray has found the solution to this problem: the twin hose package. It consists of hoses that are neatly and hygienically connected to each other. This unique system was developed by Unispray and is produced entirely in-house. As a result, it can be fully adapted to the customer's wishes.

tweeling slang unispray greaser machine 1v3

whandy 30 unispray greaser machine 1 300pxUnispray's Whandy-30 is a mobile, handy hand sprayer with a 30-litre container for release agents. With the help of compressed air it is possible to grease various types of baking moulds with the hand spray.
The simple construction ensures that maintenance and the likelihood of breakdown are minimal. The spray unit is available in several variations. There is an Air-Mix model and an Air-Less model. In both cases it is possible to heat the container for improved and lower viscosity of the desired release agent.

whandy 30 unispray greaser machine 1

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