Unispray manufactures spraying systems for the food industry.

Our equipment:


Twin hose package

tweeling slang unispray greaser machine 1v4
Experience has taught us that bakeries often use a hand spray. The hoses connected to the spray are…

Handy 10

handy 10 unispray greaser machine 1
The Handy-10 by Unispray is a light and handy hand spray with a 10-litre container for storing…

Whandy 30

whandy 30 unispray greaser machine 1 300px
Unispray's Whandy-30 is a mobile, handy hand sprayer with a 30-litre container for release agents.…

U18 Spray head

u18 spray head unispray greaser machine 1
Flexibility often leaves something to be desired within the food industry. With the U18 Sprayhead,…

Separate spray bar

sprayhousing greasing unit
A separate sprayhousing is ideally suited for installation in existing installations. This system…

RP Spray

rp spray unispray losse pannetjes
in development

Compact 1

compact 1 unispray greaser machine 1
The Compact 1 is ideally suited for greasing steel belts, conveyor belts and, for example, dough…

Compact 3

compact 3 unispray greaser machine 1
An extremely handy override unit, which can be driven over any existing transport of baking trays,…

Compact 4

compact 4 unispray invetunit bakkerij
The Compact 4 consists of a chain conveyor belt and is ideally suited for greasing baking trays.…

UNI 800

uni 800 unispray greaser machine
The Uni 800 concept consists of three main parts: The greasing unit with drip-tray, The vapour…

Compact 5

compact 5 unispray greaser
This version of the Compact 5 has been specially developed for greasing round moulds. This may…


uni 800 the unispray greaser machine 1
Over the years, Unispray has been able to supply innovative greasing units. These installations…

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unispray grease machinery

Unispray designs and manufactures spraying systems for the food industry.
The Unispray spraying systems are well known for their hygienic design, simple operation, stable action and maintenance-friendly construction.