The Handy-10 by Unispray is a light and handy hand spray with a 10-litre container for storing release agents. With the help of compressed air it is possible to manually grease different types of baking trays with the hand spray. The supplied twin hose package can be ordered in any desired length.

The simple design ensures that maintenance and the likelihood of breakdown are minimal. This makes the Handy-10 ideal for artisan and miscellaneous product bakeries.

handy 10 unispray greaser machine 1



Spray gun:

The robust construction of the hand spray makes it very durable and able to deliver consistent results. The sophisticated nozzle ensures even spraying and reduces overspray.
handy 10 unispray greaser machine 2



The Handy 10 has two precision pressure regulators. Because this version can be adjusted very precisely, any desired spray pattern can be achieved.
handy 10 unispray greaser machine 3


Pressure relief valve:

Safety is also a consideration when it comes to the smaller Unispray products. Thanks to the pressure relief valve at the top of the removable lid, safety is guaranteed. If the pressure in the Handy 10 is too high, it is automatically vented by the overpressure.
handy 10 unispray greaser machine 4



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Unispray designs and manufactures spraying systems for the food industry.
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