Flexibility often leaves something to be desired within the food industry. With the U18 Sprayhead, all the freedom you need is within easy reach. Thanks to its various mounting possibilities, it can be used in a variety of ways. All components are made of stainless steel 316 and the internal gaskets are highly suitable for the food industry. Due to its simple design, this nozzle is easy to use and very low in maintenance.

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As shown in the U18 Product Video, several versions are available,
as listed below.



This is the small version of the U18 series. By keeping the body as compact as possible, this nozzle can be built in where space is limited. The internal components are interchangeable with the U18-5050, making minimal maintenance easy.
u18 spray head unispray greaser machine 2



This robust version of the U18 nozzle is very durable due to its solid stainless steel body. This, combined with the possibility of heating the nozzle, makes the U18 nozzle ideal for spraying almost any liquid.
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Because the U18 nozzle has a universal mounting point, it can be attached in a variety of ways. As standard, there is a choice between an M8 suspension or a 10mm suspension for an axle. In consultation with you, an assembly point can always be made as desired.
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Unispay uses its own swirl nozzle. The nozzle is high in quality because it is made with great precision. The clever design of the U18 nozzle ensures that it is positioned exactly in the middle of the head. This ensures that the spray pattern is identical every time, and thus neatly sprays the same spray pattern.
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