The Compact 1 is ideally suited for greasing steel belts, conveyor belts and, for example, dough slices. This installation consists of a control unit and a separate sprayhousing. Because the control unit is equipped with wheels, it can easily be moved. The sprayhousing can also be removed from the system and is therefore easily accessible for maintenance. Various versions are available with a 10 and 20-litre container, and with or without automatic filling system.

compact 1 unispray greaser machine 1



Control panel:

The control panel is available in different configurations, to suit your requirements. This includes buttons to turn the spraying system on or off, as well as various test options for simulating the spraying pattern. By placing the control panel at an angle, it is very hygienic and easy to clean.
compact 1 unispray greaser machine 2



All connections made between the control unit and the sprayhousing are carried out with plugs and quick couplings. If this connection is severed, the remaining part can be conveniently placed in the appropriate dummy or holder.
compact 1 unispray greaser machine 3



The sprayhousing is easy to integrate with existing installations. The sprayhousing can be put together entirely according to your own configuration. With a length of up to 2 meters and enough space for sufficient nozzles, there is a suitable configuration for every desired situation.
compact 1 unispray sprayhousing



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