An extremely handy override unit, which can be driven over any existing transport of baking trays, baking moulds and belt ovens. The clever coupling between the conveyor and Compact 3 ensures that it can be attached to the conveyor belt at the same place every time. This ensures a reliable and simple solution. The Compact 3 can be made in various configurations, and can be completely customised to your wishes.

compact 3 unispray greaser machine 1



Spray arm:

Because the sprayhousing is attached to the control unit, the Compact 3 can be driven over existing transports.
compact 3 unispray greaser machine 2



The Compact 3 offers the possibility to integrate a 20-litre storage container. This can be filled manually, but also by means of an automatic filling system.
compact 3 tank for grease/oil


Control side:

Because the control is neatly concealed in the Compact3, this greasing unit is very low in maintenance. The Compact 3 is controlled by a PLC and can operate fully automatically.
compact 3 control grease unit



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