The Compact 4 consists of a chain conveyor belt and is ideally suited for greasing baking trays. The control box is centrally located, making access to controls easy. The Compact 4 can be equipped with a loose sprayhousing or with Unispray U18 nozzles. It goes without saying that the Compact 4 can also be equipped with a pump for automatic filling of the integrated 4-litre container.

compact 4 unispray invetunit bakkerij



Transport system:

The length of the Compact 4 can be decided according to your own wishes so that it fits perfectly on your existing transport. The Compact 4 is also highly suitable as a stand-alone unit.
compact 4 invetunit transportketting


Mounting Sprayhousing:

By installing the mounting points on the machine rather than the sprayhousing, it is easy to remove for cleaning and/or maintenance.
compact 4 montage spuitlans invetunit


Control box:

The control box of the Compact 4 can be equipped with a button panel or with an HMI Display to operate the machine.
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Drip tray:

A drip tray is mounted underneath the Compact 4 Any overspray will gathered in this container. This prevents contamination of your further transport and an unsafe working environment.
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