compact 5 unispray greaserThis version of the Compact 5 has been specially developed for greasing round moulds. This may include cake moulds, pizza trays, bundt moulds and other round shapes where even spraying of the release agent in the tin is extremely important for optimal results.

The Compact 5 is also available as an RS model. This model uses servo control. This means that the Compact 5 RS is not only suitable for greasing round, but also rectangular moulds and other shapes.

compact 5 unispray greaser machine 1


It goes without saying that the Compact 5 can be assembled as desired. If you have any questions about the possibilities of the Compact 5, please feel free to contact us and we will help you further.




As demonstrated in the video, the Compact 5 is perfect for greasing a wide range of baking moulds. The Compact 5 for round shapes or the Compact 5RS for any other shape.
compact 5 unispray greaser machine



To intercept the low amount of mist caused by spraying release agents, this concept can be equipped with a collection hood. This collection hood can be equipped with a centrifugal extractor to extract the resulting mist and collect the secreted oil. Because the centrifugal extractor purifies the air by means of the centrifugal force, the returned air is almost oil-free. Its simple design makes it easy to maintain and unlikely to break down.
compact 5 unispray greaser machine



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