Over the years, Unispray has been able to supply innovative greasing units. These installations come under the category of specials. Below you will find an overview of various specials.


Uni 800 DE:

For greasing at high speed, the Uni 800 DE is available. By placing several sprayhousings one after the other, it is possible to save more time and still spray sufficient release agent on the relevant moulds. The Uni 800 DE is designed to provide a reliable spray pattern and is fully automatic.
uni 800 the unispray greaser machine 1uni 800 the unispray greaser machine 2


Compact 1 TE:

The Compact 1 TE is specifically designed for greasing large dough drums with a working width of 990mm. After wheeling in the dough drums, the greasing process is started by means of a two-hand operation. The uniform spray pattern of the Unispray sprayhousing ensure easy release of the dough piece.
compact 1 greasing unit for dough drumscompact 1 unit for greasing dough drums (bakery)


UNI 180:

Sometimes it is necessary to spray a large amount of release agent. For this purpose, Unispray has the UNI 180 By using the U18 nozzles in combination with a large product supply, it is possible to spray large quantities of release agent. The UNI 180 is equipped with a circular pump system. This ensures that a constant flow of release agent is pumped around in the machine. The advantage of this is that the release agent does not drop out and therefore remains homogeneous, with all the associated advantages.
uni 180 unispray greaser machine 1



The UNI ZA is all about versatility. Several stations are realised, for example. on 1 transport system of 3.5 meters long. This enables the use of a variety of shapes, such as strapped bread pans, but also bundt moulds. These are greased fully automatically by switching on or off several separate nozzles, or by using a rotating nozzle.
uni za unispray greaser machine 1



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